lil' Sidekick

lil' Sidekick

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Lil’ Sidekick stops the drop game. It was designed it to be extremely versatile so it can adjust to secure ANY item from a small crayon to a large stuffed animal. Lil’ Sidekick quickly secures to ANYTHING- a stroller, car seat, baby carrier, high chair, grocery cart, and more

Additionally, Lil’ Sidekick is made of a safe, durable, and FDA approved material in the USA. It’s dishwasher safe, and parents love that it can be cleaned on the go, unlike cloth competitors.  

Additional benefits are that Lil’ Sidekick is designed for safety and effectiveness. It has 2 built in break away points and is not easy undone by the child, unlike velcro and snaps that easily come undone and pose safety concerns. To top it off, it’s a toy saver and teether in one that kids LOVE!  PLUS- Lil’ Sidekick has a sophisticated and universal design. It can even be used by all ages for a bike, in a purse, on luggage, by special needs, and in hospitals.

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