Bath Bombs by Garden by the Sea

Bath Bombs by Garden by the Sea

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When we say all natural, we mean ALL Natural! You will not find any dyes, perfumes, sulfates or other harmful chemicals in any of these bath bombs!

CITRUS EXPLOSION: Sweet orange and lime essential oils blended together to create an uplifting and revitalizing explosion of citrus scent. This bath bomb is reputed to help clear oily or dull skin as well as combating depression, anxiety and stress.

ACHES AWAY: For a soothing experience, drop this hand-made bath bomb into the tub for a fizzy soak in rosemary, mint and lavender essential oils. Aches Away is a blend designed for anyone suffering from pain, whether it be chronic or caused by an injury. The oils help reduce inflammation while promoting circulation.

PATCHOULI: Your skin will love this Patchouli bath bomb! Patchouli is recognized as being effective for combating acne and skin irritations and is a healer for dry or cracked skin. When used in the bath, Patchouli increases sexual energy and enhances sensuality.

WHITE GRAPEFRUIT: This bath bomb will help clean toxins and improve areas of cellulite while easing the chest and breathing during colds and influenza. White grapefruit essential oil also helps eases anxiety, depression and stress while helping to relieve insomnia and disturbed dreams.

FRENCH LAVENDER: A relaxing bath bomb that is great for easing headaches, migraines and other muscular aches. Lavender is reputed to help with insomnia and anxiety. The most gentle of all the bath bombs, it is ideal for children and individuals with extremely sensitive skin.

EUCALYPTUS: If you're feeling blue, tired, sick or sore, Eucalyptus is the bath bomb for you. 

CHILL OUT!: When you just need a few moments to chill out! This bath bomb helps combat nervous disorders, stress, anxiety and migraines.

LAVENDER & CITRUS HEMP BOMB: Hemp plays an important role in skin's anti-aging and moisture balance. In addition to improving the appearance of skin, hemp seed also offers relief from acne, skin lesions, psoriasis and eczema.

MANDARIN & COCONUT: Coconut oil is reputed to be good for just about everything! It's great for your skin, your muscles, your nails and your hair too! So they have added it to this amazing bath bombs. Could there be anything better!?

SEA THERAPY: A mineral bath experience like no other! Bay of Fundy seaweed and dead sea mineral salts promote good health by drawing toxins and impurities out of the body while replenishing essential vitamins and minerals. Sea Bath Therapy promotes cell rejuvenation, increases circulation and calms inflammation.

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