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RLR Laundry Treatment (Strip) - 2pack

Just one of the most awesomely effective ways to strip your cloth diapers. Stripping cloth diapers helps them smell fresh and remain extra absorbent. However it’s not just for cloth diapers. You can use it on all fabric/clothing that is machine washable to keep colors extra bright and whites extra white! But don’t worry, you won’t find any harsh chemicals in this super awesome product. There is no bleach in it…in fact there’s not even any soap in it. Additionally it contains no phosphates and is also bio-degradable and non-polluting.

How does it work? “During regular washing, mineral deposits in the water; dirt and soil sediments; and residual matter from detergent all accumulate in the fabric causing it to look dingy. RLR Laundry Treatment works by removing these particles from the clothing, holding them in suspension in the water and preventing redeposition so they rinse away leaving fabric looking like new.” (Mom’s Milk Boutique, 2013).

RLR Laundry Treatment is super easy to use. If using to strip diapers, you simply shake packet onto dry, clean cloth diapers. Then run washing machine on a wash/rinse cycle WITHOUT adding any laundry soap. Dry as usual. If using with regular laundry simply shake RLR treatment directly onto dry or wet clothing, add detergent, and wash/dry as usual. That’s IT!